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UPDATE on what supposedly caused the riot at Kirikiri Prisons today

There were reports earlier today that inmates of Kirikiri Medium Prisons attempted a jail break leading to the death & injury of many. But according to new reports, it may not have been a jail break

Now this is not confirmed but according to someone who is involved in Prison Outreach and was supposed to be at prison tomorrow, he got a mail from the co-ordinator of the outreach informing them that their visit has been cancelled due to an incident at the prison this afternoon. In the email that was sent out, what happened at the prison was explained. See it below

Please be advised that the Prison Outreach for tomorrow at Kirikiri Prisons has been cancelled.Apparently, at the Kirikiri Medium Prison , the inmate GO bought himself a microphone and a fan with his own money today and the Deputy Controller of the prison did not approve of it. The DCP ordered the GO to be locked up in isolation. This infuriated the inmates and demanded the release of the GO.

A mob of inmates started throwing …

Amanda Bynes tweets shocking accusation about her dad say he slept with her

Actress Amanda Bynes has made a shocking revelation aboutranspired between herself and her dad while growing up. She revealed this afternoon to her over 3 million twitter followers that her dad had asked her for sex when she was growing up and had done even more things to make her crazy. 
Read the rest of her tweets below

My dad was verbally and physically abuse to me as a child
I need to tell the truth about my dad
He called me ugly as a child and then asked me if I wanted to have sex with him and i did not know how to respond and I said no and then I was forced to live with my dad which was a total nightmare
My dad fondled himself in front of me so many times that i started recording him on my phone in hopes of catching him
Saying or doing something inappropriate around me so I could get him arrested & put in jail for the rest of his perverted life
My mom knows that my father's literally and physically incestual towards his own daughter and the fact that she never called the police …

Teenager Who Was Imprisoned For killing her Girl Commited Suicide in Prison

Cem Garipoğlu, who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for brutally murdering his girlfriend, committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell in the Silivri No:5 L-type prison. He was found hanged in the prison cell on Friday.

After a prosecutor completes the death-scene note, his body will be sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for determining the certain cause of his death, according to prison sources.

Garipoğlu was found guilty of killing his girlfriend,  Münevver Karabulut, four days before her 18th birthday in his family's luxury villa in Istanbul. The victim was stabbed several times and her head was cut off with a saw.

Her body was found in a trash bag in a garbage container along with her severed head in a guitar in March 2009.  Garipoğlu was sentenced on November 18, 2011, to 24 years in prison.

The brutal, shocking murder remained in the national spotlight for a long time. The motive behind the murder remains unclear although the victim's father, who led a campaign …

Linda Ikeji's Blog Restored, Find Out Shocking Reason It Was Taken Down

Linda Ikeji’s blog was taken down by Google a few days ago due to claims of copyright infringement. Why were there claims against her in the first place? It’s implied that some hackers under the direction of one Mr. Aye Dee were to blame. Read what linda wrote below. My understanding of plagiarism is when you take someone’s work and republish it verbatim as your own work. I don’t do that. But if I have ever done that in the past then I apologize. It was an oversight. I do get a lot of original content, way more than any other blogger in this country. Some of the biggest news stories in this country in recent times was broken by LIB. From Goldie’s death (God rest her soul) Aluu4, ABSU rape, P-Square saga, Solomon Akiyesi and plenty more. And when I take news from other sources, I always credit them. When I don’t give credit is when the news is everywhere so I write it in my own words and make it mine. I don’t believe that is a crime. I admit that I have used photos without giving credit.…