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Man confesses to killing girlfriend and impersonating her for 2 weeks

A Korean man brutally murdered his girlfriend and buried her body in a suitcase after police ignored reports of domestic violence. There was a long history of domestic violence and stalking in their relationship.

The suspect, identified only as Mr Lee violently murdered his girlfriend Kim, in a ‘fit of anger’, a year after she reported him to local police for domestic abuse.

Kim’s sister said that when things didn’t go the way Lee wanted, he beat her badly.
“I heard from close friends of hers there that one time my sister kneeled and begged for him to stop beating her,” she said. “I think she thought he had changed, and they dated again it probably happened over and over again.”

The victim, Sunny Kim, 26, went missing on May 2, according to reports. Two weeks later Mr Lee, 24, turned himself into a police station in Busan, southeast Korea, and confessed to killing Kim after she tried to end their relationship.

“I killed my girlfriend and buried the body. I also tried to kill myself,” he to…

Graphic photos from the accident along Sagamu Expressway

Photos are extremely horrific.The horrific incident happened yesterday along Sagamu expressway, between Ikenne and Sagamu. Some of those that died were OOU students going to Lagos for the weekend.

Female suicide bombers attack hospital in Borno, kill 3

Two security officers and a civilian have been confirmed dead after two female suicide bombers tried to force their way into a hospital in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital this afternoon. Two of the hospital's security officers were killed while they tried to stop the women from gaining access into the hospital. "We evacuated the charred bodies of the two security guards, another civilian and the two bombers," a resident Auwal Mohammed said.The charred remains of the victims and that of the suicide bombers have been deposited at the Borno state hospital morgue.

TB Joshua reacts to gay law in USA

Various reactions have come in the wake of America formally legalising gay marriage across the entirety of its borders but one of the most unusual has sprung from a popular Nigerian cleric.

After the historic announcement, T.B. Joshua tweeted a YouTube video showing a young man allegedly receiving ‘deliverance’ from a ‘homosexual demon’.
The clip titled, ‘Deliverance From Homosexual Demon’ shows a Nigerian from Imo State who identified himself as ‘Tedus’ receiving prayer at the church of T.B. Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria. “I made him gay; I made him love men,” the young man says after being questioned by one of Joshua’s ministers, the clip clarifying that it was an ‘evil spirit’ speaking, which was allegedly behind his homosexual tendencies. Tedus is subsequently ‘delivered’ and later shares his experiences about how the ‘devil’ of homosexuality had possessed him.
He narrated how, upon his return from a business trip in Asia, he had lodged in a hotel in Kenya where he met some male friends wh…

Photo: Nigerian drug trafficker arrested in India

A 40 year old Nigerian drug trafficker, Samnneji Chukwuemeka aka Moses Jeffery was arrested by India's Customs officials in New Delhi India on Friday June 26th. Chukwuemeka has been on the radar of the Indian police since 2011 after his attempt to smuggle drugs from India to Holland was foiled. "He has been under security radar for nearly four years after we foiled his attempt to smuggle 645 grams of brown sugar from Shillong to Holland way back in August 2011 through a courier agency. Finally, we managed to arrest Chukwuemeka only after the immigration cell at New Delhi alerted us that he has been detained by Delhi Police for over staying in India" Superintendent of Customs (Preventive) Shillong, D. Bhattacharjee, told India media

Petrol tanker explodes kills five, injures 6 in Kebbi

A fully loaded petrol tanker on Saturday exploded at Dabi in Kebbi, killing five people and injuring six others.

The tanker was heading to Mahuta in Kebbi when the driver lost control of the vehicle on the hilly Dabai junction resulting in the fall of the vehicle and subsequent explosion.
The accident also left 12 houses and some vehicles parked by the roadside destroyed by the resultant inferno.
The Dabai-Suru and Dabai- Mahuta road junction also serve as a market, especially for fresh fruits.
The Kebbi deputy governor, who also hails from Dabai, Alhaji Samaila Yombe, was among early visitors to the scene of the accident.
Yombe condoled with relatives of the victims, the Emir of Zuru, Alhaji Sani Sami, the Chairman of Zuru Local Government Area, Alhaji Ibrahim Rumu.
He pledged to offset the medical bills of the hospitalized.
The deputy governor said the State Emergency Management Agency had been directed to provide prompt relief material those who lost shops, household property, live…

Mr President, You Are Disappointing Me By Dele Momodu

Sir, let me say right away that the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading and you need to, as a matter of urgency, convince the people of Nigeria that you’re now ready to hit the ground running.

Your Excellency, I write to you today with a heavy heart. The reason should be obvious. I was one of those latter day converts to Buharism, a political philosophy that believes in the reincarnation of former leaders in the days of tribulation. You were never the first man to resurrect from retirement and near political oblivion. General Olusegun Obasanjo bounced back from prison to Aso Rock Villa. In nearby Benin Republic, former military dictator and strongman, Mathieu Kerekou who had served as maximum ruler for about 17 incredible years, came back to defeat incumbent President , Nicephore Soglo in a 1990 election. He led his country for another ten years and almost got another five-year term but for the age barrier that d…

Dear G.A readers: My Sister Is Married To A homosexual What Will I Do

From a female reader Am from Ananmbra State, a family of Five, 3girls and my sister is the eldest. My parents are not poor, we were all educated to the university level. Last 2 years, my sister came home and told us she's getting married to a man she has not met, just through the guys mum because she stayed in their flat when she was in Uni. The marriage was arranged between her, my mum and her mother inlaw. The family in question is very rich and famous, they all stay abroad. My dad was against this but she and my mum never listened. They did the Trad in the guys absence, she danced alone and took pictures with empty chair that the husband was suppose to sit on. They made mockery of our family in that wedding because it was so funny. He came back a night to his white wedding and during the vote of thanks he could not say my sister name because he doesn't know her name.......He left 2 days after and my sister got pregnant. This guy never came back until his daughter was 2years an…

Find Out What Your Sex Position Says About You 1. The missionary man 2..

We all like to get experimental in the bedroom. Here's our expert decoding what your favourite position says about you

A look at the choice of manoeuvres between the sheets is a great tell-tale sign about personality traits, preferences and quirks in an individual. Sex therapist and counsellor Simran Chaddha decodes favourite positions and uses them to read into that kinky personality. Here is what your favourite position says about you:

The missionary man
Don't dismiss him as jaded or boring. There is a lot to be said about stability, tenderness and someone who likes to colour within the lines. The body language is devoted towards you and it's all about looking at you. He maintains eye contact while sharing one of the most intimate experiences one can have. It's a sign of loyalty and dependability. It could also be a sign of borderline performance anxiety where he wants to constantly be reassured that he's doing okay by reading your expressions and moves. There is…

Press statement by Ikedi Ohakim - says his life is in danger

Press statement I just received from the office of former Imo state governor, Ikedi Ohakim. Following some recent developments around my person and the avalanche of misinformation and deliberate lies being peddled about me, I am constrained to issue this statement, first to douse anxiety of every well-meaning fellow who has shown concern and second, to alert members of the Nigerian public to a clear danger to my life.

NEWSPAPER REPORTS  On June 1, 2015, I travelled out of the country by LH 595 operated by Lufthansa with seat number 04K to honour a medical appointment and also attend my daughter’s graduation at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. On June 02, 2015, a newspaper posted a headline that I had been apprehended and taken to custody by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for fraud and misappropriation of public funds.
On inquiry, I discovered that the story was taken to the newspaper in question by an aide of a top politician in my state, Imo. Instructively, …

Isis claims responsibility for Tunisia murders

Islamic State (Isis) has claimed responsibility for the slaughter in Tunisia’s Bardo museum. In an audio statement posted online, Isis described the museum, which houses a world-famous collection of Roman mosaics, as a “den of infidels and vice”. The attack was just “the first drop of rain”, the Associated Press quoted the group as saying. The two attackers were feted as “knights” armed with assault rifles and grenades and the group seemed to suggest that further strikes would follow.

The message was published as the family of one gunman buried him in the suburban neighbourhood where he grew up. Yassine Laabidi spent his childhood just 20 minutes from the building where his life ended amid a killing spree.
Friends and relatives of the 26-year-old gathered on white plastic chairs in the dusty street, waiting for security forces to return his body for burial, shocked and bemused by his sudden infamy.
One classmate remembered a gentle boy from classes at the nearby Omrane SupĂ©rieur schoo…

Buhari will henceforth only attend Jumaat service at Presidential Villa mosque, presidency explains why

Pres. Buhari will henceforth attend Jumaat service only at the Presidential villa mosque. According to a statement released by his media aide, Femi Adesina, yesterday President Buhari decided to say his prayers only at the presidential mosque and not at the Central mosque Abuja so as to avoid the hardship Abuja residents face whenever he needs to drive to the Central Mosque for prayers "President Muhammadu Buhari participated in today’s Juma’at prayer at the Presidential Villa Mosque. President Buhari did so out of consideration for avoidable hardships imposed on members of the public by road closures and other security measures which Presidential movements to the National Mosque necessitate.
Accordingly, the President has decided that henceforth he will mostly observe the Juma’at prayers with other Muslims at the Presidential Villa Mosque. President Buhari will still join the larger Muslim Community for Friday prayers at the National Mosque and other mosques in Abuja occasionally&…

Chilling new details of Tunisia beach massacre: Killer joked as he selected his victims

Two gunmen opened fire at a beachfront hotel packed with holiday makers yesterday killing 38 - with 36 seriously injured. Majority of the people killed are British followed by Germans, then Belgians. ISIS has since taken credit for the brutal massacre.

One of the killers, who has been identified as Abu Yahya Qayrawani, 23 (pictured above) was reportedly seen laughing and joking with holidaymakers, looking like any other tourist but used the time to carefully select the victims he would murder with a Kalashnikov hidden in his parasol. The were said to be his primary target. 
Culled from UK Daily Mail

'He was laughing and joking around, like a normal guy,' said one witness. 'He was choosing who to shoot. Some people, he was saying to them 'you go away'. He was choosing tourists, British, French.'  
Tom Richards, a university graduate who was on holiday with his mother and younger brother, found himself face-to-face with a man with 'long black hair and a beard'…