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Angelina Jolie visits Cambodia with son she adopted there (photos)

The Hollywood actress and UN ambassador visited Cambodia today ...she's seen above meeting Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen at the country's state house. Angelina met with Sen to discuss her latest project - a film about the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, which will feature her 14 year old son Maddox who she adopted from the country 13 years ago. More photos below
Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

Photo of wife of The Sun DMD at her home after her release this morning

Toyin Nwosu, the wife of the Deputy Managing Director of The Sun newspapers who was released by her abductors this morning, is pictured 2nd right above with family and friends at her home in Okota, Lagos. 
According to Mr Nwosu, he got a call from his wife's abductors this morning, asking him to go and pick her up at a certain location. He did not however state whether any ransom was paid for her release. Mrs Nwosu was abducted at her home after a robbery incident on Tuesday September 15th. Photo credit: The Nation

I remember the day... I confronted Boko Haram

A former captain in the Nigerian army remembers the day he faced Boko Haram - and found that his weapons were defective.
Jefferson (not his real name) jumped off the truck and flung his bulky frame onto the sand and shrubs beneath him. He raised his head and scoured the terrain. The 30 soldiers who had just arrived alongside him were taking fighting positions - some diving, others crouching. They were in Mongonu, a town in northeast Nigeria's Borno State, to provide reinforcements for a military convoy that had, earlier that morning, been ambushed by Boko Haram.
Many of the town's 20,000 inhabitants had fled; others had been incorporated into the Boko Haram frontline - terrified human shields protecting the 200 or so members of the group who were now attacking, determination etched onto their faces, sophisticated weaponry in their hands.
But as Jefferson caught his first glimpse of the fighters, it was surprise, not fear that he felt. "They were not what I expected," he r…

Nigerian colleges do not take sexual harassment offenses seriously — Study

A recent study has shown that college authorities in Nigeria might be culpable in providing a conducive atmosphere for sexual harassment and bribery due to passiveness in vigorously curbing sexual harassment and bribery.

According to a survey conducted by Dream Project for Africa during Phase I of the “End Sexual Harassment and Bribery in Nigerian Colleges” campaign, only 8% of students believe that school authorities take sexual harassment offenses seriously. The respondents in the survey were mainly students of the University of Lagos campus, where one of the lecturers in the Accountancy Department, Dr. Akin Baruwa was alleged to have raped an 18-year old student.
When asked about how common the issue of sexual harassment was in their college, 75% of the respondents replied that sexual harassment was high on the campus. The most dreadful reality of the research was that 90% of the respondents were between the age range of 16 and 26. This implies that the very future of Nigeria is bei…

FG should be ready to make concessions with Boko Haram in return for Chibok girls – Shehu Sani

Sen. Sani backs dialogue with Bokoaduna – Sen. Shehu Sani (APC-Kaduna Central),said on Thursday that dialogue with the Boko Haram group was necessary to bring about permanent end to insurgency in the country.
Sani said in Kaduna that the Federal Government’s interest in negotiation with the group was a welcome development.
The senator advised the government to ensure that the negotiating team was made up of people capable of bringing the insurgents to the negotiating table.
“We need credible personalities who have some level of recognition or respect with the insurgents and a second team to oversee the terms of agreement to their full implementation.
“These are very much necessary to achieve success and put an end to insurgency.
“But we must make it very clear that we will not in anyway surrender our sovereignty to any terror group.
“We will not concede any territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to any insurgent group, and we will not in any way jettison our secular principles as a de…

Man Dumped Wife For Online Lover Who Turned Out To Be A Nigerian Scammer

When Rebecca Lewis found out her fiance planned to leave her for a pretty blonde he had met online, her world fell apart.

Messages on his laptop showed he had been flirting for months with the woman he had “met” weeks after proposing to her.
Calling herself Kristen White, the mystery woman had contacted Paul Rusher on social networking sites at least 10 times a day for months, after sending a Facebook friend request out of the blue.
Rebecca, 30, read the messages between them and saw that, despite never having met her, sales assistant Paul, 29, had declared his love to Kristen and told her he planned a future with her.
When Rebecca confronted her fiance, he told her she was dumped and she packed her bags and left the home they shared.
But instead of moving on, devastated Rebecca became suspicious of Paul’s new romance and turned detective.
She soon found he had been the victim of a romance scam, where fraudsters use pictures of Russian models to trick unsuspecting men into parting wit…

Man gets stuck in best friend's wife during illicit sex

For some men, greed and the urge to sample what belongs to others will lead to their deaths. This scenario played out in Ikot Nakanda
community in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State where it was reported that a man identified as Etefia , tasted the forbidden fruit of his best friend's wife and got the shocker of his life when he got stuck inside the woman.
As the story goes, Etefia and Otuekong , both from neighbouring Akwa Ibom State, have been best of freinds and both related as brothers but unknown to Otuekong, his 'brother' was secretly sleeping with his wife , Ikwo. The unholy affair had been going on for a while till nemesis decided to play the advocate when Etefia was found in the act with Ikwo.
According to a reader who sent the story to Pulse, the two men who are fishermen, had lived in peace till Etefia went beyond his bounds. "It was a thing of shame and stranger than fiction. I am from Ikot Nakanda though i live in Lagos. It happened last m…

Indian National Arrested In Lagos Over Visa Scam

The Nigeria Police have arrested a Dubai-based Indian national, Mr Mohammed Shazul, for allegedly procuring a Dubai visa using a Nigerian man’s name without his consent.

Sources close to Federal Criminal Intelligence Investigation Department (FCIID) Annex, Alagbon Close, Lagos, made the disclosure to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday.
The source said that operatives from the FCIID arrested Shazul after a petition by the Nigerian, Mr Ayodotun Babalola, to the police authorities.
It said the Indian, Vice-President of Fast Logistics Solution Group, an air cargo company based in Dubai was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos on Monday on arrival from Dubai.
“When the Inspector-General of Police got the petition dated Aug. 19, 2015, he sent it through the DIG, FCIID to the “X’’ Squad Annex, Lagos for investigation.
“The operatives have been on the trail of the suspect and others involved in the crime.
“After his arrest at the airport, he put up a call to…

Code of Conducts allegations are mischevious- Saraki tells journalist

Senate president Bukola Sraki is still reacting to the 13 count charge of corruption leveled against him by the Code of Conduct Bureau yesterday September 16th. Speaking with National Assembly correspondents after a courtesy call from the Public Complaints Commission, Saraki said there was no doubt the charges are politically motivated and is a witch hunt towards him “There is no doubt about that. It is mischievous, it is not correct and the issues therein are not true. As far as we are concerned, we are not shaken.
We will focus on what we have come to the Senate to do. I was elected by the people. I was elected by my colleagues to work for what is good and in the interest of this country and that is what I will do. For the Code of Conduct Tribunal to wait for 13 years before working on a declaration that was made since 2003 is ridiculous. I have always done my declaration and we will defend those allegations but we will continue to do our work here”he said

Ex Governor Akpabio’s Credit Card Declined At London Hotel (PHOTOS)

Akwa Ibom Former Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, who is a current Nigerian senator, today faced serious embarrassment at Mandarin Oriental

Hotel, a luxury five-star hotel in the Knightsbridge area of London. Mr. Akpabio’s credit card was declined as the ex-governor tried to check in. Mr. Akpabio had been in London to receive medical treatment after his car bullet proof G-Wagon Mercedes Benz collided with an American Embassy diplomatic vehicle in Abuja. The accident had occurred after Mr. Akpabio’s driver reportedly failed to stop at a traffic light.
At the reception of Mandarin Hotel, a flustered Senator Akpabio, who wore a blue sports jacket, was visibly embarrassed on being told that his credit card had been denied. Two unidentified persons were with the former governor at the reception desk as he looked worried and flummoxed about the credit card predicament. In the thick of the fiasco, the former governor was heard barking orders at an official at Eco Bank in Lagos…

Man arrested after allegedly beating 71-year-old during road rage attack

How do you hit a man that's 71 years old? A man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly beating up a 71-year-old during a road rage attack this past weekend. Police say the incident was reported at about 6 p.m. Saturday.

When police arrived on the scene they found a 71-year-old man who was hit in the face several times. The man told police he was pulled from his car on the side of the road after another car tailgated him for about four miles.
25 year old Ryan Kobus was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the attack.
The elderly man had hearing aids in which were destroyed when he was beaten. He was taken to the hospitalwith serious injuries and later released.
Police say the investigation remains ongoing and they are working to figure out if anyone else was in the car with the attacker.