Did Fayose Lay Curse On Ekiti State? Says Ekiti Will Be In Economic Bondage Till 2036 (PHOTOS)

Fayose Lay Curse On Ekiti State Says Ekiti Will Be In Economic Bondage Till 2036

Governour Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State today was at FRESH 105.9FM Ibadan, where he spoke on several issues bothering on the state of the nation. Speaking today in the studio of fresh FM, Fayose set the record straight by making some remarks. Gov Fayose said that Ekiti State will be in economic bondage until 2036 because of debts collected by former Governor Kayode Fayemi, so his hands are tied"

The opposition party have been accusing APC, the ruling party for blaming that past Government, mean while a sitting Governor is also blaming the past governor for putting the state in huge debt, and saying his hands are tied. As a Governor, is he not suppose to move ahead and proffer solutions on how to govern his state, without blaming the past governor?  Among what he said are as follows,
  • "Tope Aluko is not my friend.
  • I didn't collect money for election from anybody.
  • Aisha Buhari is as guilty as me on corrupt charges.
  • Nobody can win any battle against me.
  • My father had prayed for me that if I continue to be righteous, Ekiti people will serve me forever.
  • I was sent from heaven as a demi god.
  • APC is a government of 'one chance'.
  • Everything I've predicted would happen in Nigeria are happening, some have happened.
  • I was Obasanjo's boy so I know he's not a saint.
  • Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a saint.
  • Buhari can't take Nigeria out of the woods.
  • Food security is better than general security, hence my 'stomach Infrastructure' policy.
  • Ekiti will be in economic bondages until 2036 because of debts collected by former Governor Kayode Fayemi, so my hands are tied".
 Buhari's government is a one chance government. Also that he was wrongly impeached in his first tenure.
He said he used to be a danfo driver in ibadan during his polythecnic days. His mum supported him to buy a bus for him back then.
He never denied collecting money from obanikoro but he said it was not dasuki's money. In his words he said, when someone wants to do a party his boss at work can donate money for the event. So obanikoro was a party elder and he donated money for his election. But he didn't state the amount.

He was so confident and fearless. I'm waiting for 2018 to see if he'll still be talking like this. I think his mouth is his problem. He was speaking like a god. He also called himself the undefeatable.

Photo Credit To Samsom Akindele


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