"MAGUN" | My Pastor Friend Died After Sleeping with Another Man's Wife

*I was accused of killing him – 90-yr-old Rev S.T. Ola Akande

Samuel Oladele Akande, 3rd indigenous General Secretary of Nigerian Baptist Convention, served in various capacities for 40 years (1951 to 1991), the last 12 of which he was the General Secretary.

Rev. Akande revealed a shocking incident in this interesting chat. Details below:

Vanguard: How does it feel to be 90 years old? 
I just do not feel it that I am 90 years. I still feel like I am in my 70s or 60s because, with the power of my brain to have been able to produce 12 books since 1986, I still feel like a young man. I wrote my first book in 1986 which was published in Yugoslavia and contained 69 sermons which I have preached over a period of 40 years. If it were not for the sore that developed on my right foot, I do not feel that I am 90 years. At the thanksgiving service where the people were rejoicing with me at 90, I told the congregation that I was giving them an invitation to be prepared to attend my 100th birthday.

You suffered intense opposition when you were NBC General Secretary...
Oh, the opposition was too much for 12 years. I was almost accused of being a murderer. I was accused of killing a fellow reverend whom I arranged to go to America to do doctorate degree; but the man liked s*x too much and he refused to listen to warning.

Shortly after he arrived from America, he began to have amorous affair with his landlord’s wife. The landlord went to Molete Baptist Church to complain about his affair with his wife and asked the church to warn him to leave his wife but the reverend did not listen.

The day he was caught was a Monday. I had travelled to Lagos. The reverend sent all his children on errand — asked one to give a letter to me and encouraged his wife to go and study in a school and he had s*x with the landlord’s wife. The landlord knew that would happen and had set what we call magun ‘don’t climb’ on the wife. As soon as he finished, he dressed and walked down to the stream and the kind of ‘don’t climb’ that the husband of the woman used on his wife was the type which one should not cross the stream. As soon as the reverend crossed the stream, he fell down at the other side and died. 

How could you have killed him? 
Before he left for the US, he was a top official of the Baptist Convention. He had misappropriated some money and I kept on pressing him to refund the money and his family thought it was because of my constant requests that caused him to have heart attack. Even a medical doctor supported the claim that the reverend died of heart attack and that I must have been responsible for the death because of the way I was writing to him to refund the money. It was later that a senior member of the Baptist Church came out in the open and said they should leave me alone as the reverend died of ‘don’t climb’. As soon as that news spread, the reverend’s wife, who was teaching in Ibadan became so ashamed that she ran to Saki.


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