The Economic Impotance Of Aisha Buhari's Trip To The USA; Trust Is Social Capital By Ugo Chikezie

And if you don't have it, no one will feel comfortable doing business with you.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't want to over-flog the issue of Mrs Buhari's visit to the United States, but I want us to look at the bigger picture, so we can understand the economic importance of Mrs Buhari's visit to the US. because these people who WAIL daily seem to know their RIGHTS more than their WRONGS.

President Buhari is fighting corruption, Governor Ayo Fayose and a group of professional haters accused him that his anti-corruption fight is a charade, claiming that corruption is right in his bedroom. They even said he jettisoned the Halliburton case because his wife is involved. They dared Mrs Buhari to go to the USA if she is truly innocent. The career haters continued their cacophony daily. Now she visits the US, and the same people who were accusing her daily have suddenly changed the narratives claiming it's a non issue and it does not help our economy...... Chaiii.... WHEN WILL NIGERIANS REALIZE THAT HYPOCRISY IS NOT A VIRTUE???

1. Don't they know the implication of such accusation on our economy???

2. Don't they know that a dent in President Buhari's image will have more negative effect on the economy???

3. Dont they know that TRUST IS SOCIAL CAPITAL and If you don't have it, no one will feel comfortable doing business with you???

4. Don't they know that her visit to the US will save the country the cost of litigation? Pursuing courts cases in Nigeria is very expensive and Aisha just saved us that with her visit to the US.

5. Don't they know that their accusation on Aisha Buhari is serious DE-MARKETING of our economy????

6. Don't they know that her visit to the US will further enhance her credibility and make her business partners trust her much more?

7. Don't they know she is an international business woman and her tax and that of her staff contributes to our GDP?

8. Don't they know that a good woman is an investment while a bad woman is a liability???

We must thank Aisha Buhari for doing this because it will help our economy..... The big idea is that the foreigners and even locals will further trust Buhari as a man of integrity and that will renew confidence in investing in Nigeria.

Like I said yesterday, For every problem in Nigeria, many people come up with WRONG solutions, some people come up with the RIGHT solutions, while some others come up with POLITICAL solutions. Mrs Buhari in this case chose to come up with the RIGHT solution and it is healthy for our economy.


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