Why Should You Put Onions In Your Socks Before Going To Bed?

As you probably already know, the bottom of your feet contains powerful and direct access points to the internal organs in your body.
In the Chinese medicine these points are called meridians. These so called meridians represent pathways to each organ within your body.
Many people are skeptical about these beliefs. However, those who understand Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is very closely correlated with the nervous system.

In order to understand the Chinese medicine, it is very important for you to know that there is a great number of different nerve endings located on the feet (approximately 7,000 meridians) which can be linked directly todifferent organs. These meridians act as very powerful electrical circuits in the body.
However these meridians are often inactive. This is because we wear shoes all the time and in the same time we don’t use acupuncture in order to encourage the meridians or the nerves. That is why walking barefoot is highly advisable and you need to do it more often. By walking barefoot you are stimulating the meridians on the bottom of your feet.

Therefore, the feet are probably the most favorable.

Garlic and onions are well-known air purifiers and they kill germs and bacteria when they’re applied to the skin topically. Phosphoricacid is a substance in onion which makes you cry when you cut open the onion. This ingredient is extremely important, because as soon as it enters the bloodstream it helps you to purify your blood.
Did you know than during plagues, in England, people would chop onions and leave them in the room to purify the air and improve their immune system in order to be protected from infections, flu and other health issues?
 Here in this article we will show you how to use onions to purify your blood and kill all the germs and bacteria. However, it is very important for you to remember to use organic onions, because they are free of pesticides and other chemicals that you don’t want to be in direct contact with your body and to enter your bloodstream all night.

This method is very easy and quick:

For applying this method all you need to do is cut the onions into flat slices so that they can be applied to the bottom of your entire foot (like a platform). Next thing you need to do is put a slice of onion in each sock and go to sleep! This is all!
Throughout the night, the natural healing power of the onion will work through your skin (trans-dermal application). The onion will purify your blood, kill all the germs and bacteria and it will absorb all the toxins! The onion will also help you to purify the air in your room.

These are the benefits from putting a slice of onion in the sock before going to sleep:

Absorb toxins and chemicals

One of the reasons why you need to apply this method is that the onion coating around your feet will absorb all the toxins and chemicals, while you sleep.

Purifies your blood

When absorbed through the skin, the phosphoric acid from the onions, will purifyyour blood.

Kills bacteria, germs and pathogens

Due to their strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, onions and garlic can kill bacteria, germs and pathogens.
In some cases onion juice can be a great remedy for cracked heels.For applying this method of treatment all you need to do is massage your heels with onion juice. Due to the onions great healing properties your heel well be like new in no time.


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