Woman confronts and accuses man of secretly masturbating on a train filled with passengers, shares video on FB (WATCH VIDEO)

A woman, Deanna Carter publicly confronted and slammed a man for allegedly masturbating on a train, which then forced the man to get off at the next train stop.

The woman launched the verbal attack on the man, publicly shaming him in front of other commuters after claiming she saw him rubbing his penis.

The woman, who shared the video on Facebook and has gotten close to 2million views can be heard asking the man “what are you doing” several times at the start of the video before she launches into a rant.

The man, who is sitting with a backpack on his lap, wearing a cap and sunglasses, sits motionless on the train, believed to be in New York, during the two-minute tirade.

Carter yells: “What the f*** are you doing?

“You want to do that freaky s*** you do it off the mother-f***ing train.

“Do we understand each other?”

The man then nods slightly, hoping Carter will stop yelling at him, but the loud lecture continues.

Shouting loudly, she can be heard saying: “Now at the next stop, you get off. When this train stops, you get the f*** off.

“Say ‘I understand you, miss’.”

Sharing the video on her Facebook, Deanna Carter wrote: “Tell me why this dude was rubbing his penis sitting across from me. I went off. I’m so mad right now. Got his face on video tho (sic). He better hope I never see his nasty a** again!”


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