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It is often said that where purpose is not clearly defined, abuse becomes inevitable. We are a country of over 180 million people and over 15 million people thumb-printed on the ballot papers across the country in favour of Buahri on the 28th of March, 2015 for different purposes. Whether Buhari has met all our expectations is dependent on our purposes for casting our votes for him.

* Personally, I voted for him to fight corruption and reset the country, he is doing just that. He still has a long way to go, but atleast he has started it and am supporting him. In Nigeria, corruption is like cancer that has ravaged the entire moral fabrics upon which our country was built, it is obvious that if we don't kill corruption, corruption will eat up our country and kill her completely.

* Millions of people in the northern part of the country voted for him to fight against insurgency, because they have lost loved ones, businesses and properties worth trillions of Naira during the last administration.... Well, as we speak now, many of them have started returning back to their places, to begin to pick themselves up all over again. So if you think Buhari's first year in office is a waste, those millions of people who are now returning home will not agree with you. Infact, they will even tell you that their security is more important to them than your economic recession worries, because dead people don't even know whether rice is selling for more than #20,000/bag in Nigeria now. only living people eat rice.

* Many people (especially the parents of Chibok girls) Voted for him to help rescue their abducted daughters, he has not fulfilled that one, but he is making efforts towards that. We will hold him accountable if he doesn't rescue those girls, because he promised to do his best to rescue those kids if they are still alive.

* Some people voted for him because of the promise to pay#5,000 monthly to the poorest and most indigent in our society, that one is in the 2016 budget and modalities are being worked out on how to begin to disburse the payment to the supposed beneficiaries.

* Many people voted for him to rescue our economy that was already dead during GEJ's regime. Sadly, he hasn't been able to do that, due to the drop in oil price and the activities of the Niger delta avengers. No thanks to the poor judicial system in Nigeria that has not shown corporation to help recover our stolen funds from the rogues we call leaders. Not forgetting the millions of people who can't even afford to feed well who still shamelessly jump out to defend rogues who has stolen our collective patrimony.

* Many people voted for him to help unite the country, that GEJ scattered, sadly, he has not lived up to that expectation as we speak today. He need to wake up and realize that he can't achieve much in a chaotic environment. I must commend Chief Obasanjo and Late Yaradua for keeping us together as one throughout their tenures in office before their predecessor scattered the country. Buhari must rise up and unite the country if he really wants to write his name in gold. He must realize that as a leader, you sometimes stoop low to conquer.

* Many people voted for him to build infrastructures. he hasn't done so well in that regard for obvious reasons. low income for the country at the moment.

* Some people voted for him to help diversify our economy and move our country away from over dependence on oil revenue. As we speak now, he is on cause towards achieving that. Because AGRICULTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE, SOLID MINERALS are being tapped into. Not forgetting that solar energy is now being used to improve our electricity generation. There is Hope!

I don't know your purpose for voting for Buhari, he may not have met all our expectations, but we must bear in mind that he has only spent 15 months out of the mandatory 48 months he has in office. So there's still hope that things will get better very soon. Remember, even Present Barack Obama didn't get America out of recession until after two years and today, the same people who vilified him in his first two years are now celebrating him.

During the campaign period, Buhari himself NEVER made unrealistic premises. He was modest and he kept telling us that it was not going to be easy, but he Will achieve CHANGE. I heard him promising us #Change. He didn't promise Magic, he promised Change and I know very well that CHANGE IS A PROCESS. it Will not be achieved in one day.

I still have confidence that our country will come good under this administration, and if he fails, we will vote him out by 2019. I believe in the Nigerian project and I will not loose faith in my country. So help me God!


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