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The Kano state Government under the leadership of Hon. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has reiterates commitment to tackle the Murder of Christians in Kano state.

The laws has been set up through the selected Islamic Scholars KHADIMUL ISLAM who are to monitor and put an end to the ignorant killings in the name of Allah, said Ganduje.

When the gods became weaker and blinded, the followers tend to rise up and fight for the gods, because the gods are week mortals.

But Ganduje said that, our God “Allah” is not a weak nor blind god as others may said, our God “Allah” can fight for himself

and fight for his followers, so no one should fight in the name of Allah again.

KHADIMUL ISLAM, remain the joint forces to scuttle the ignorant killing of lives and destruction of properties in Kano state, and to educate Kano populace from taking laws in to their hands.

No place that asked Muslims to kill anyone when mocked or make blasphemy to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in the Holy Quran from the book of (Bakara to Nasi) from the beginning to the end of Quran I’ve not seen that place.

He charged every Muslim to prove him wrong if he lied for the Quran, said Ganduje.

My leadership will remain focus in securing lives and properties of kano state, Both Christians and Muslims were the creation of God, if our fellow Christians don’t fight for Jesus Christ or God Almighty, why then my Muslim brothers kill in the Name of Prophet Mohammed or Allah?

At September 2012, when American Priest set to burn Holy Quran in public as a revange of Penunsular of September 11 attack by Islamic world terrors, Kano state people took massive match protesting carrying Cross crucified with Cat, “the cat representing their Jesus Christ” those Christians does not care to take laws into their hands,Screen-shot-2012-09-18-at-5.11.21-PM kano state suffer lots of Religious Violence humiliating, killing Christians and destruction of their Churches far back at 1900 till date.

Few months back a woman named Mrs. Bridget was stoned and later beheaded for mockery, which latter discover was lied a against her, “she asked the man making his Abolution in front of her shop to move away from blocking her customers, the man mobilized youth against her by stunning and be heading her for mockery.

In Biazin in Kubwa-Abuja, a Redeem Evangelist and mother of four was beheaded for such fallacy of Blasphemy (that she preach Gospel of Jesus Christ near Mosque).

Three people were killed in Niger state for the same blasphemy to Prophet Mohammed (SAW),

The same happened at Sokoto State Poly where 8 lives were lost, I never had that Christians fight for Jesus Christ, said Ganduje, I remain committed to end the massive illiterate of Muslims in Kano state.

Quran is available for all Muslims to buy and read, some places Quran donate free to the readers, Islamiya and Quranic schools are available for all Muslims to educate themselves, not by ignorant killing in the name of Allah or Prophet Mohammed again in Kano state, said Ganduje.

I task my fellow governors in Nothern Nigeria in places like Kaduna, Zamfara, Bauchi, Gombe, Jigawa, Katsina, Sokoto,Kebbi, Nassarawa, Kebbi, Yobe and Maiduguri governors to adobt such laws in ending Islamic Terror and Educating Muslims to know God, said Ganduje

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