GOOD NEWS: MMM Nigeria’s July Breakthrough: Promo-Task Contest, Sustainability Update & 20% Release of Mavro-2016

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The end of July saw a breakthrough for MMM Nigeria in order to accelerate Community growth and achieve sustainability for an unlimited period of time.

To accelerate growth, we have launched a weekly Promo-Task contest. Now members will get points for completing promo-tasks. Whoever receives the biggest number of points gets awarded. We will start with 50 prizes and will later increase this number. For details, read the news.

To ensure sustainable Community operation for an unlimited period (in particular, to prevent a break in December 2017 like it was in December 2016). MMM Nigeria has implemented the long-awaited advanced update of getting help procedure. This progressive update was developed within many months. So when you create a request to get help, you will see a maximum amount for withdrawal in the current week. The remaining balance of the Mavros will become available for GH next weeks. The Mavros keep growing just like before. The total amount of Mavros does not change. The idea is that it will not be possible to withdraw all available money at once. You can create a new GH-request after 7 days from the date of previous GH-request creation. Due to the technical complexity of the implemented algorithms, the process of orders matching was stopped. The dispatching for provide and get help will be re-launched now.

It certainly increases the Community's sustainability and places a priority on the honest members while disregarding dishonest members who tend to treat MMM as a ‘hit and run’ scheme. You provide help (“seeding”) and you receive help as the Community grows (“harvesting”). This update is targeted on the Community sustainability and fast growth. Now this update has been implemented in many MMM countries and has shown good results.

To release Mavro-2016 sooner, a new action has been launched. So, if you provide help up to August 5 you get your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ released for 20% rather than 10% how it was before. To avoid excessive load on the System, the release for 10% by contributions of your referrals has been stopped. For more details, read the news.

MMM is an advanced and progressive Community that is continuously improving and is adjusting for more development and sustainability!

By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!

We are changing the world!


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