#LGAutonomy: Benefits of the Local Government Bill to Nigerians

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The National Assembly made amendments to the Bill that governs Local Government Activities In Nigeria.

This Bill seeks to strengthen the administration of Local Government in Nigeria

The new amendment will ensure Local Government councils go through a well conducted election that will be recognized and gets its entitlements as enshrined in the constitution.

The Local Government Council tenure by the new amendment will last for a duration of 3 years from the swearing-in date.

The Local Government elections will be conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission which will reduce discrepancies and ensure transparency.

With the Passage of the #Nottooyoungtorunbill, the age requirement for the Local Government Council Election is 25years.

The new amendment ensures the funds are properly channeled to the area of concerns with the State House of Assembly carrying out oversights.

As amended, the LG autonomy will ensure dividends of democracy such as provision of primary, Adult and vocational education and primary healthcare,since the Local Government is closer to the grassroots

Numbering of houses, Naming of streets, Registration of births and deaths, collection of revenues will be done adequately.

The Local Government will no longer operate a joint account with the State, this allows their allocation come directly to them, this will help decision making and prioritization of projects.

With this amendment State Governments will no longer blame their own failures of lack of development on the Local Government.#LGAutonomy


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