An Inspiring Story Of A Young Lady Who Deals On Ukwa (Breadfruit) THERE'S DIGNITY IN LABOUR.

An Inspiring Story Of A Young Lady Who Deals On Ukwa (Breadfruit) THERE'S DIGNITY IN LABOUR.
I was moved, after reading this Inspiring story of a young lady, who sells Ukwa (Breadfruit). She is my friend on Facebook and when she posted her story, i took out time to read her story and i also want you to read and get inspired.

It is no news to many of you that I sell Ukwa(Breadfruit). It is also not a news to many of you that my Mum sells same Ukwa.( She sells fresh and I sell dried one).

However, there was a time in my life, as a child when I was not proud of my Mum doing that business. There was a time...

I wasn't proud of that business. It is everything dirty. The process that it goes through, is everything dirty and stressful.

From washing it with your leg dipped inside sand. To per boiling it. To sieving off the chaff. To picking the seeds one at a time.

Mhen...It was everything dirty.

We converted out balcony to our processing ground. What I'm a saying...Every corner of my family house was made of Ukwa.

The days we would have a large customer order to process, we would dry some in our sitting room. No room was left empty without Ukwa.

Each time you sweep in my house, you must sweep out seeds of Ukwa.

There were days that when a friend of mine comes to visit, I'll go open the sitting room back door, so that the person wouldn't see or notice that the walls of my house is dirtied in charcoal because we per boil our Ukwa with stove.

It continued that way for a long time until we found a space where we can now process the product. But, our sitting room and other rooms is still not left out when there's a large order to process.

Recently, an old friend while trying to make reference to my Facebook activities said "I hear you now sell Ukwa on Facebook. Girl na wah to you ooh".

I could see the funny look on her face and the insult on her tone. But that's by the way.

That business that I wasn't proud of has contributed in keeping my Mum alive(I'll explain that in another time). She finds joy doing that business.

That business sustained us when our other family business experienced a downturn. You don't wanna know how often contracts come in.

That business has attracted high class people to my us. And, this is because, Mother does not just sell Ukwa, she sells 'good Ukwa'. You can't afford to not come back.

That business has taught me at least 50% insights that I apply in other businesses...

That business was stressful and dirty, and full of rigorous process... yet, that business provides so much health value.

As I grew up, I began to unlearn many things. I began to learn to condition my mind to interprete situations wisely.

I saw that for gold to be gold, it'll have to go through a rigorous process. I saw that we were not only selling Ukwa, we were selling health value.

...and, I began to learn to not only love Mother even more, but to magnify our office as 'Ukwa Sellers'. I saw dignity in what we do.

What services are you rendering? What products are you selling? Do it with a difference.

Be a cleaner with a difference. Be a conductor with a difference. Be whatever you are with a difference.

Magnify your office. The job gets you dirty, yes, magnify it. There's dignity in every labour.

Source from Chichi Eriobu's Wall


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