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Clifford Orji was a Cannibal caught in Lagos. He was not only eating humans, he was also selling off their parts to highly-placed Nigerians for money rituals.

When Clifford Orji the Cannibal human killer and eater was caught, human parts were discovered in his 'den' with 'Personal Effects' of those who fell victim to his cannibalism and human ritualism, most especially women.

He was arrested by Lagos State Operation Sweep team and later charged to court. The courts later declared him 'insane' to stand trial, and remanded him in Kirikiri Prison. whether he was feigning insanity to escape justice is another matter for conjecture.

And for many of his highly placed patronizers, Clifford Orji's Caught and eventual incarceration must have felt sad at his capture and exposure, because the supply line was finally cut off,and saving more lives from being plucked away at their prime. Let take a look at his tale.

Early Life: Clifford Orji is regarded as Nigeria's first known Cannibal (human eater). Much about Orji's early age are not known. The Only thing that is about him is that, he hails from Enugu State, in South Eastern Part of Nigeria. And he was in his 30s when he was Caught.

His Former Trades: Clifford Orji was a Razor blade Seller at the bustling Oshodi Market, this was what people that knew him said he was trading on initially. Although, he never had a Shop, he was into Steel/Road/Go-Slow Hawking of Razor blades..

He later Stopped Selling Razor blades. He then Shifted his abode to a self-created "Grotto" under the highway bridge in Isolo, Where he was advertising himself as a Native Doctor Chinneyelu' (Herbalist,Dibia Or Baba-lawo).

These were the Only trades Clifford Orji was known to have engaged into, before he was caught in the act of Cannibalism and arrested On February 3,1999, and Charged before an Ebute-Meta Magistrate Court in Lagos on February 19th of the same 1999.

WHAT HAPPENED? Clifford Orji made himself a 'Make shift home' under the Bridge of Toyota bus stop, (before Charity Bus Stop),along Oshodi-Isolo Expressway. Although, People in the Neighborhood always Suspected that Clifford Orji was strangely different.

Occasionally, during day+time ,he will Violently pursue stray walkers to his 'Sanctuary'. While, in the Dead of Night,he Usually blanketed the air around with the Meat-like Odor from his always Barbecue. People merely suspecting that this barbecue-loving recluse was Not Normal.

Everyone believed Clifford Orji was Possibly Mad. No One was prepared for the horrendous discovery of that haunting Wednesday Morning of 3rd February 1999. It was the Cry of Mrs Awawu Lawal, an Emaciated and Shackled Woman from Agege, that gave Clifford Orji away as a Cannibal.

How He Was Caught: On February 3rd 1999, by 6am, some Crowds going to work Or business were at Toyota bus stop,Oshodi - isolo expressway (formerly Clifford Orji's kitchen),to board buses. They were Oblivious of the fainty Cry of someone in-distress,coming from under the Bridge.

Coincidentally, One Joseph Bello who was going home after a Night Vigil at his church, then heard a strange a Cry from the bushes next to the flyover, and noticed a shack built of Car tyres.

Out of Curiosity,he decided to move closer to see what/who is crying (Probably,he thought his prayers during the Night Vigil has arrested one of the Witches sent to torment him from his village). Now,as he was moving closer, an intense odd smell of cooking flesh hit his nostrils.

He then peeped into the shacks. He said, “When I saw human limbs and other parts roasting on the fire I was transfixed". Bello then alerted other people around the underpass. A crowd gathered and burst into the shack. They were confronted by severed feet and chunks of flesh.

They discovered that the Cry was from a woman later identified as Awawu Lawal, they also stumbled on a collection of human parts in Orji's make-shift home. Human bones, Skulls, Legs, Hands, Freshly Cooked Soup with human meats were all discovered that day.

The mob tore down his shack, and discovered a 4m Pit Underneath,where some of the victims were kept before they were killed and cooked. The Uproar triggered by this Shocking discovery attracted Men of the Lagos State 'Operation Sweep',Who later arrived at the scene.

Surrounded, Clifford Orji was beating 'the whole rainbow colors', For his friend and accomplice Tahiru Aliyu who lived nearby,the crowd almost killed him too. Yhe Police quickly came, arrested them and took them to Makinde Police Station in Oshodi.

And for Mrs Awawu Lawal the lady being dressed for Slaughtering, and who Orji had turned to Sex Slave for several days, she was freed and taken to the hospital in Ikeja, Lagos.

Items found Inside Clifford Orji's Kitchen where: 1. Rusty frying pans 2. Bucket 3. Bowl containing human bones 4. Grill on another metal bowl 5. Firewood 6. Human parts: roasted limbs, palms, wrists, ankles, feet, thigh, skulls. 7. Rice, yam, gari, pepper, and oil

8. Soup pot with human meat. 9. A gaunt lady waiting to be slaughtered 10. Cutlasses, knives. 11. Money estimated to be N500,000 was also found with him. 12. And a large undisclosed amount of Cheques.

13. Cellular phone Mind you,in 1999 there was No GSM. Only the rich uses Cellular phone. Even when GSM came,not everyone could afford 3310 Or SIM Cards. Now,imagine Orji having a Cellular; Na who him dey call? Na who dey call am then? Answer: his rich Connected Customers ofcause.

14. Severed heads of human being. One of the heads was a lady identified as "Eno". She is a trader from Akwa-Ibom State.

Clifford Orji was a Cannibal a man eater: The discovery sent shocks waves throughout the Sprawling Metropolis of about 7 Million People, drawing hundreds of people to under the bridge abode of Clifford Orji, where he also kept a Kitchen to prepare cooked and roasted human flesh.

The Police also arrested Orji's friend and accomplice 'Tairu Aliyu. They concluded both were not just human eaters,but also human parts sellers, as alot of cash and cheques were recovered at the make-shift home of Orji, at Toyota bus stop, on the Oshodi Isolo Expressway.

According to his Confession to the Police, Clifford Orji and his accomplice 'Tairu', have been Killing fellow human beings for dinner.

Was Clifford Orji and Tairu Mad?: Some people believe he might be one of those Otokoto ritual murderers who trade in human parts. They argued "If he is mad, why should he kill and eat his victims?" Others believe Clifford Orji and his accomplice were not mad, but are very Sane.

While few persons believe maybe Clifford Orji and Tairu his accomplice are both Victims of Psycho-Spiritual attacks. And they should be sent to Psychiatric homes for Medical Evaluation. Who knows, they maybe mentally sick".

Clifford Orji's Confessions: On Thursday, Clifford Orji and his accomplice were paraded before Newsmen by the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Mr Sunday Aghedo. Journalists Crowded the premises of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja,

All the Journalist Covered their noses with handkerchiefs. while Interviewing Clifford Orji and Tairu Aliyu. When it was his turn to speak, Orji confessed to the media men: He said "We are human meat eaters.We have killed over Ten people, especially young girls who hawk wares.

We always lured them to our enclave under the pretext that we wanted to purchase their wares. Once they are in our net, we pounced on them and killed them for eatable meat. My colleagues is the human hunter while I am the butcher. We usually go for girls with permed hair."

"Why, have you taken to human eating; is it because you cannot afford animal meat?, "a journalist asked Orji. Orji replied: "We have been eating human meat for the past seven years before coming to Lagos".

If you are a free man today will you still be eating human meat?" Orji was asked again. "Yes, to me there is no difference between human and goat meat," Orji replied. The lack of remorse by the cannibals began to making the police doubt the mental state of the men.

Orji went further to confess that he do entice women by bracing them,then blow on their foreheads and they would follow him back to the underpass hypnotized. “I will have a sexual affair with her to a state of coma before we slaughter her and roast,” he said. “I am not alone.

I have between 4 and 10 people. They take their own parts and go while I wait for another `meat’.”

Orji’s statement to the police fuelled speculation that he was butchering his victims for more than his own consumption. People in the area said they regularly saw big flashy cars stopping beneath the flyover. To some it explains why some of the victims heads were not found.

The state Commissioner of Police described the two men as Human Eaters and Human part Sellers. On display beside them were roasted parts of human beings, heads, legs,heads and the abdomens. One of the severed head recovered was identified as 'Eno' ,a trader from Akwa Ibom State.

Where Is Clifford Orji Today? In 1999, both Clifford Orji and Tairu Aliyu his accomplice were later sent to Kirikiri Maximum Prisons in Apapa, after under going various Psychiatric evaluation at Yaba.

While in Kirikiri Prison, Orji was displaying hyper insanity. On Friday, August 17, 2012 news broke our that Clifford Orji, the alleged notorious cannibal had died in his cell.

While some there were Unconfirmed reports that he might have been shipped abroad by his patrons and sponsors. But Evident abound that Clifford Orji might be dead.

CONCLUSION: In Nigeria there is a discreet trade in body parts for religious, medicinal Or Voodoo ceremonies. The case of Clifford Orji has disturbing echoes of earlier killings when a man called Innocent Ikeanyanwu was discovered with the head of a 10-year-old boy in 1990s.

While Innocent was in police detention, he confessed to have been regularly shipping severed heads to some highly placed Nigerians for money and ancient rituals. But before he could mention their names, Innocent Ikeanyanwu died of “cardiac arrest”.

What about the issue of Youths involving in Ritual Sacrifices,in the name of Yahoo-Yahoo, and Yahoo Plus (+) etc? All this can be attributed to Clifford Orji Syndrome. If not, how can someone have the heart of killing someone else, either for eating, money ritual Or fame?

So, If you are eating human being(even in dream), you are a 'Clifford Orji'. If you Sacrifice another human being for Money ritual, you are a 'Clifford Orji'. If you Sacrifice any human part to the gods, inorder to be Successful Or Famous, you are a 'Clifford Orji'.

Even if you are just the person that do Kidnapping (not the Killing), you are a 'Clifford Orji'. And it you are a Politician and you kill /Sacrifice any human being so as to win Election, you are a 'Clifford Orji' incarnate. And just like 'Clifford Orji', you shall be Exposed.

Lastly, my advice is to our ladies: "You ladies should be careful too. Because, statistics have Shown that most times, you ladies are preys to 'Clifford Orjis". "As a lady,Never be carried away by the Wealth of a guy you don't know the source of the Wealth".Always ask questions

Ladies, when Visiting a New Male Friend, try to tell someone close to you where you are going (if possible, your family members). Remember, "YOU CAN NOT KNOW A 'CLIFFORD ORJI BY LOOKING AT A FACE".

May Almighty God Help us all, Amen 

Sources: PM News, http://dnbstories.com , Thisday Newspapers, Guardian Newspapers 

All CREDIT GOES TO Nzekwe Gerald Uchenna (NGU) 
Follow him on twitter @NzekweGerald



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