INSPIRING STORY: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Kokomma. A Must Read!

INSPIRING STORY:  The Entrepreneurial Journey of Kokomma. A Must Read!
After my secondary education, I wanted to become a doctor. Biology, mathematics where some of my favourite subjects. I enjoyed drawing the digestive system- I still remember how to, till today so instinctively, I concluded that I was going to be in the medical field. 

Growing up in Uyo, and being the youngest in a family of seven, I had little or no control over my choice of University so I was only going to the school my parents decided upon, unfortunately the school I applied to was yet to have the medicine department accredited as a course, after waiting for a semester doing another course with the hopes to transfer once the medicine department was accredited, my family advised me to continue with the course I was already studying so I ended up graduating in Microbiology. It was one of those situations where I had to listen and obey. Besides, there was little or no wriggle room.

I remember telling a friend of mine in the lab that I wasn't going to work a 9-5 job and even if I did, I wouldn't do it for long. I wasn't sure how or what I was going to be doing with my life but I knew I didn't want a typical white- collar job.

While in the university, I started making beaded jewelry to sell. I loved the feeling of being paid for something I had created- it was very satisfying. 

So, just like that, the prospects of being a doctor was bleak. After graduating from the university, I knew I would not be practising in my field of study.

A year or two after my NYSC while working in an office, I felt empty and conflicted, no idea of what I really wanted to do or who I was- I was getting anxious and agitated about my path.

I spent my spare time reading autobiographies of successful people and noticed that all of them once in the success story also felt lost and sometimes confused. So while I was still working I registered my business - Gebera Resources. I had no idea what was to come and was still years away. I knew I needed to create a path.

So I began a retail business the following year selling fashion accessories and clothing. I chose this simply because I love fashion. 

After a compulsory break to focus on my personal life, I knew that it was time to be more, do more and be better.

So in 2017 I launched my jewelry, accessories and Clothing line - Koko Williams Designs with N50, 000. Its good to note, that this was a tough decision because at the time I had so many challenges that were fighting for this money, but I chose to go after my dreams. 
I was extremely nervous but I decided to do it afraid.

You may see parts of yourself in my story, and I urge you to go after your dreams. You can pursue whatever goal you choose and not feel tied down by fear. 
Its OK if you do not have an idea of why you're doing - almost nobody really knows. Everyone is trying to find themselves and make the best of our time here on earth. 

Starting a business is to:
- determine something that people want
- find the people who want that thing
- ask them if they'd like to buy.

It can be a physical product, a service you offer, or just information. 

People go to work so they can afford to buy the things they want, why can't they buy from you? 

Its starts from changing your mindset and following your dream- your skill set and experience are great resources worth paying for. Package your knowledge and attract people to what you have to offer.

... Its about hustle.


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