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Tuesday, February 26, 2019



Welcome to Nigeria
The giant of Africa
Where our politicians are our players
Going around with their big cars
With their irrational manners
To their followers

Oh!  This is a nice game
But they play dirty everyday
Only to achieve their political aims
Of stealing our resources every night
And try to play innocency every day
Only to achieve their political aims

The masses go around in labour
To get the reward for their labours
From the so_called devil saviours
Who don't want them in their parlour
From them,no favour
And we need the saviour

When will all these stop
Hope it is not when life stops
It would be better for them to put a full stop
Before God sends his force
For our intervention
I think that is the solution

Goodbye from Nigeria
Hope to visit when everything get better
Bye bye forever

Composed by::::::: Mac Fortunate