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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Must read! Emmergence of cultism in Nigeria

Cultism in Nigeria 1952. It started as fraternities, and they were common  within universities campuses with the reason of implementing laws and regulations on campuses. 
Cultism began dominating the street in 1990. The first fraternity ever in Nigeria was recorded as the Pyrates Confraternity which began at the  Premier University(now University of Ibadan).The fraternity ( Pyrates Confraternity) was moved  by seven students which included the popular Nigerian Nobel Laurette, Prof. Wole Soyinka. Pyrates confraternity was then called themselves the ‘‘Magnificent Seven.''  
It was founded because of the rate at which rich students dominated the university which influenced the poor students to do everything they could in dressing and blend with the rich students. These things motivated the "Magnificent Seven"  to form the Pyrates Confraternity and the main purpose of the formation was to differentiate themselves from the conventional establishment and to maintain and implement social justice and human rights in Nigeria.
Pyrates Confraternity activities on campus then were non-violent. They also intervene in dispute resolutions and fighting against elitist nonsenses. The Pyrates confraternity motto was ‘Against all conventions.' 
Their logo was the 'skull and crossbones'. Some of the members of the fraternity (Pyrates confraternity) changed their names  Long John Silver and Cap’n Blood. 
However,the confraternity membership was made open to any promising male students without discrimination of race or tribe,ethnics etc. Though, application for the confraternity membership were very rigid and many students were denied application. No other fraternity came to existence in Nigerian universities after two years of ‘‘pyrates confraternity'' existence.

After twenty years, some among other confraternities that came into existence are;
1. The Buccaneers
It was formed in 1970 by  Dr.  bolaji Carew after he was expelled from the pyrates confraternity.

2. Supreme Eiye Confraternity;
It started as cultural association. The 'EIYE’ means ‘BIRD' in Yoruba language. It also started at the University of Ibadan.

3. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa a.ka. Black Axe;
It was founded at the University of Benin and it marks the emmergence of confraternity violence in Nigeria.

4.Eternal Fraternal Order of the Legion Consortium a.k.a. Klan.

5.  Supreme Vikings Confraternity also known as the Adventurers or the De Norsemen Club.

Compiled by; Habeebullahi Abdulwasiu (MAC FORTUNATE)

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